How to teach a child not to be greedy?

Do you know the situation when your child, at the sight of guests on the doorstep, silently, grabs everything that catches his eye and runs away? This is because young children are among the first to develop a sense of ownership. For a child, his toy is a fortune, no matter how insignificant it may seem to you. Since the baby does not immediately come to the point that he needs to share with others, his parents should help him in understanding this, it is the parents who must explain the importance of being generous.
1. The requirements must be real
To share, the child must understand what the other person feels, but empathy is not characteristic of all children under the age of 6 years. The hopes are vain that two- or three-year-old children will themselves give to others what is rightfully theirs. This does not mean that he cannot learn this skill, but you should consider that it will take him some time to understand how important it is to share.
2. Be an example
Children are a reflection of their parents, so you need to constantly focus the child's attention on those situations when you are sharing with someone. Pay attention to the things that several people use in the family, it can be a family car or shampoo. Show how pleasant it is for you to share with the people around you, and after some time the child will definitely follow your example.
3. Encourage good behavior
When you see a child playing with his car along with other children, let him know how glad you are that he decided to share the toy. Kids in their own way share things with others: they happily brag about the toy, but are not ready to give it away. Therefore, encouraging the child verbally is simply necessary, as this provides the basis for the emergence of true generosity.
4. Practice
Give your child the opportunity to show his generosity in practice. If you bought something tasty, ask your child to take it a little to other family members. Ask him to choose some unnecessary toys in order to give them to the orphanage. Praise the child when he voluntarily gives something to someone so that he feels pleasure from his own actions.
5. Do not set boundaries
When a child plays with other children, he will voluntarily give his toys to play with others, but it will be right to allow the child not to share certain things. It is necessary to respect the property rights of the child and not force him to share absolutely everything. In advance, discuss with him that he needs to put special toys separately, and everyone who wants can take all the remaining toys.
6. Timer
When several children want to play with one toy, it is necessary to establish a queue so that everyone uses the toy for the same amount of time. For children two to three years old, an ideal time period of 2 minutes will be ideal. If the toy cannot be shared by brothers or sisters, you need to give the first one the opportunity to play the younger one, while the older one can help you with the timer. At the end of time, the kids change. At first, when the turn of another begins, disputes may arise, but when they come to the realization that they will not take the toy from them forever, it will be easier for them to give the toy back. Another plus-erotic video chat is always open for You, at any time of the day or night, seductive models are always ready to chat with You on intimate topics, play pranks or arrange a whole erotic show in front of the webcam. Watch for free now free 18 porn with young girls will help to relieve the stress of a hard day, push all the problems into the background and easily engage in virtual sex with a red beast, a refined blonde or a burning brunette.