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5 Thrifty Ways to Cut the Cost of Your Wedding Day

Nowadays the average wedding costs just over £20,000 and many couples are putting themselves in debt to tie the knot. But it is important to remember that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get the big day every little girl dreams of! Check out our five thrifty ways to cut the cost of your wedding…
Wedding venues generally take a huge chunk of the overall big day budget and whilst your chosen venue shouldn’t be second rate and should represent your relationship and your future as a married couple, there are ways to reduce costs. Getting married out of season or even on a weekday can reduce your wedding venue bill by a fifth so consider a less traditional wedding date. Also, opting for a quirky wedding that is outdoors or in a smaller, more intimate venue can also cut costs and stop the number of guests going into double or even triple figures for a more affordable big day.
Think about cheaper catering options that are just as tasty – the traditional sit-down wedding breakfast and evening buffet can cost a fortune, however BBQs and hog roast provide an affordable, laid back alternative that is perfect for a number of wedding venues. Just one hog roast can feed 150 people making it a delicious, cheap and cheerful way to feed your guests in the day or evening of your big day.
Forget expensive wedding invites too, save money by making your own. By investing just a little time, effort and creativity you can slash the price per invitation in half and instead provide guests with a handmade and heartfelt invite that has been lovingly designed and made by you and your groom.

When it comes to dressing for your big day, remember there’s no shame in going high-street, vintage or even second-hand to purchase your wedding dress. Many high street stores offer bridal collections with dresses from just a few hundred pounds and each has the style and finesse to rival goods from top designers.
Many charity shops specialise in second-hand and vintage bridal gowns, each has been donated by brides (old and young) so that you can make your own memories in your dream wedding gown. There are also a number of websites where you can pick up a once worn wedding dress for a fraction of the price. Each dress has been dry cleaned and repaired, meaning no one will have inkling when you walk down the aisle in a beautiful wedding gown that is as good as new!
Love, laughter, joy and pleasure… at Newton Hall we have a terrible weakness for gorgeous wedding days and fantasy wedding nights.
No matter how fantastic your dreams, how irresistible your desires, at Newton Hall dream weddings really do come true.
My name is Donna Gibb and you can visit our website for further information or call us on 01665 576239 and speak to one of our wedding planners.

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