2 words, 5 syllables. Easily Cool. Or maybe, Assembly Label.


Bathed in natural light and boasting a comfortable yet improved interior, Assembly Label’s very first Melbourne flagship shop has actually opened merely in Armadale, and it’s spectacular.

The slouchy Studio Pant ($ 79.95) integrated with the Abode Linen Tee ($ 39.95) produces the best ‘I simply got up like this’ appearance while the Motion Silk Dress ($ 149.5) or Ella Overalls ($ 99.95) will see any Melbourne Girl through a summertime bbq.

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I acquired a Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 5 years earlier in Barcelona, and ever since the exact same bag has actually more than doubled in rate. The resale worth of my Speedy( in good condition) is indeed higher than precisely what I paid!


I just recently acquired my very first Chanel bag from a consignment shop, and I did A LOT of research study before I made my purchase. I desired a to guarantee I had a clear concept of the rate points I ought to anticipate for various designs of bags, and the best ways to confirm classic bags in case I purchased online.

Tips for purchasing a vintage Chanel Bag in Melbourne


The Base Linen Short ($ 79.95), Division Sleeveless Denim Shirt ($ 89.95) and St Agni Keiko Double Strap Slide ($ 149.00) produce a killer combination or if you’re after merely one crucial transeasonal piece, may we recommend the Femme Denim Jacket ($ 99.95).

Melbourne Girl has actually been a massive fan of this Label for a long time, today that it’s in our own yard we like it a lot more. Make sure to head in and see on your own!

Are you considering purchasing a classic bag? Making a high-end purchase is a lot like buying a vehicle. You wish to make the best option, so it’s crucial to do the best research study sure you are making the very best financial investment for you. That’s why I chose to create my overview of purchasing a classic purse in Melbourne (and online).


If you are thinking about purchasing a high-end bag, it’s excellent to think about buying a timeless design and color. In the market, 3 brand names usually hold their worth: Hermès, Chanel and Louis Vuitton.


A black vintage Chanel from the early 90’s can cost anywhere from $1000-plus. If they remain in excellent condition, they will likely require a lot more!

Leading 3 locations to purchase a classic bag in Melbourne

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The store welcomes high-end and timelessness through its high ceiling structure, high white walls and extremely thought about plant life. A carefully curated offering of homewares and way of life items sit next to the collection– which is precisely what gets us most ecstatic [screech]

Assembly Label is renowned for its high-end fundamentals, and the Spring Summer 16/17 collection is no exception. Integrating textures of crisp linen, vintage jeans, and soft jersey, the variety can be easily styled together or infiltrated any existing closet.


There some fantastic locations to purchase a classic purse in Melbourne, if you understand where to look! Here are my leading 3 choices >


Or maybe, Assembly Label.


Do you believe in purchasing a classic bag? Making a high-end purchase is a lot like buying a vehicle. You desire to make the ideal option, so it’s essential to do the perfect research study sure you are making the most excellent financial investment for you. That’s why I chose to put together my guide to purchasing a classic bag in Melbourne (and online).


Eurotrash– This is capital for luxury-lovers.


Secondo– Secondo is best understood for their series of classic designer clothes, however, watch on the Facebook page to see a few of the fantastic bags they do get in.


Mio Tesoro– Mio’s specializes in purses, so it’s a terrific very first stop to look for the bag of your dreams.


The very best thing to do is see any of these shops’ Facebook, and Instagram feeds. A great deal of stock is offered straight from there or activates a sale. There is likewise a shop in Queensland )called Designer Archives) that generally provides all of its shares through Instagram, so watch on them too.



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