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How to Implement Wedding Plans

Sometimes, you may think that you have everything ironed out in paper but implementing wedding plans is a totally different ordeal. You may have the program all set down to the number of minutes you allot for wedding speeches but without proper coordination and a point person to take care of everything on the day itself, then all that planning can be all for nothing. For most weddings, it is the bride who takes the lead. Well, if you are a bride who wants to make sure that your wedding plans are implemented correctly, then I suggest that you read closely and take note of all the tips here.
First, while implementation of wedding plans is totally different from just planning it, it is still important for you to take note of everything. In short, you cannot skip the “writing down” stage and go straight to implementation because chances are you will forget something and it will all blow up on your wedding day. So take time to sit down so you will know exactly what it is that you have to implement.

Second, now that you have your plans all perfect in paper, the next step is for you to set deadlines for implementation. You need to have a timetable for everything – booking the venues for the ceremony and the reception usually comes first. You need to schedule everything including when to fit your wedding dress and the gowns of your bridesmaids. Of course, it is important to make sure that your timetable is reasonable. Remember that some things in your checklist cannot be done with one call. You will need to do follow ups which will take time.
Another thing that every bride should know and accept on how to implement wedding plans is that they cannot do it all by themselves. If you are the bride, you may feel like superwoman but the truth is you will need help somewhere along the way. Hence, if you can afford a wedding organizer even just on the actual day of your wedding then it is best for you to choose one now. You do not want to be worrying about the program on your wedding day. You have to be worry free and downright beautiful on your wedding day so let someone else do the worrying for you.
If you cannot afford a professional wedding organizer then get a friend or a family member to act as one. Just make sure that they are very organized people who can keep their focus even as they take part in the program. Just brief them on what they have to do ahead of time and then just relax and enjoy your wedding. Remember, you cannot be the bride and the wedding organizer at the same time.
Those are some tips on how to implement wedding plans.
If you would like to learn more on how to implement wedding plans then you need to check out this

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Dubrovnik Churches: The St Blaise Is the Favorite Church for Wedding Ceremonies

The St. Blaise church, in Croatian “Sveti Vlaho”, in Dubrovnik old town is undoubtedly the most beloved of all churches to tie the knot. There isn’t a church as chosen as this one for a Roman Catholic wedding ceremony; it is the strong favorite among the otherwise also very beautiful churches.
The reasons are quite obvious.
When couples from abroad plan their destination wedding in Dubrovnik, they usually plan their wedding for a far smaller amount of guests compared to having their wedding at home.
So a smaller sized church is usually a preference, and seeing that the St. Blaise is the smallest of the 4 best located churches in Dubrovnik it has already a big advantage over the others.
It is also the church crowned by the patron saint of the city of Dubrovnik: the Saint Blaise.
The location of the church is of course in the car free city center right at the main street the Stradun, easy to find for anyone from out of town.
It has a lovely small but ornate altar and beautiful balustrade in front of the church.
Having your wedding at a busy church also has it disadvantages…
When you have planned for a wedding ceremony on a Friday or Saturday afternoon in the summer months from June to September, chances are great your guests are arriving at church when the wedding party just before you is still having their pictures taken on the church steps.
By avoiding weekends you have a bigger chance of being the only wedding party that day.
Most likely, there will be a crowd of tourists seated on the steps of the church and not all of them feel it is “needed” to move away as they see the bride approach or the bridal party taking position for their groups picture. This is always a huge hurdle for wedding planners as we try to make way for the bridal party.
In fact, I would like to appeal to all those readers that see this post and ask them for the courtesy of allowing the bride and groom a bit of space just as they are entering the church and when they are exiting it. It is just a matter of being polite, so they can have a few moments and have a few pictures without ice cream licking tourists in the shots. It never ceases to amaze us (and I believe I speak for of all wedding planners in Dubrovnik) how some just do not seem to care that this is somebody’s wedding day.

The opening hours of the St. Blaise Church in Dubrovnik
When you are visiting Dubrovnik you will find the church opened every day until 12.00h and from 17.00h. Since most weddings take place in the afternoon, the church will be opened for the ceremony only and then closed again until the regular opening hours begin.
Comparing the St. Blaise Church with the Cathedral
Just around the corner of the St. Blaise Church you can see within few 100 meters the cathedral, an important landmark of the city. Since the Cathedral does not close in the middle of the day we find it is visited by many groups.
Aside from the obvious differences in size and lay out, we are often asked what would be the main difference between having a wedding at the Cathedral and the St. Blaise.
Well… from a practical point of view it is actually very useful for us planners to have the St. Blaise Church closed as we arrive, because it means the church is empty. When planning a wedding at the Cathedral, it is not easy to ask all visitors to leave the church in order for the wedding ceremony to start, as some visitors might argue it is a house of God and they are allowed to pray. Which they are.
Due to this, it is very unlikely that you will have an empty Cathedral at the moment the wedding ceremony begins.
During the ceremony at the St. Blaise, we can close the front doors to avoid being disturbed. The Cathedral has two major entrances, which are harder to control because of how they are laid out, so chances are very likely visitors will enter: the sound of slamming doors and talking of the unknowing visitors will disturb a wedding ceremony.
We also feel that in order for the Cathedral not to feel empty you should have 100 guests or more, because it is a monument created for larger groups of Catholics.
Dress code for a church wedding ceremony
Like in all churches, a respectful dress code applies.
We know Dubrovnik has really hot summers so it is tempting to dress “light”, which is OK, as long as it is respectful. If you plan to wear a dress or a top which is strapless or showing bear shoulders then you are risking the priest commenting about it.
Avoid even the chance of such an embarrassing moment and just dress as you would at home or bring a shawl and cover your shoulders appropriately. In fact, we recommend ALL LADIES to make sure they bring a light shawl or pashmina for the ceremony.
We asked the priest once what he considered the right length for a dress, to which he answered that just above the knee was acceptable, anything shorter does not belong in the house of God
When you prefer to avoid busy churches…
Then you should consider carefully if either these options is the best option for you. I have seen many couples choosing the St. Blaise Church and then changing this after they had visited Dubrovnik in summer because they felt it was just too busy in July and August.
They are both located on the main street in Dubrovnik and in the summer this is a very busy street. During the Dubrovnik Summer Festival there is a large chance that seating arrangements have been built up to allow for performances of all kinds.
So if you plan your wedding during the period of the festival: 10th of July until the 25th of August, then you should be aware that the city might build some sort of podium or area for spectators right at the door.
I hope these wedding tips will help you when you plan for a church wedding in Dubrovnik.
Happy Planning Everyone!!
Dubrovnik Riviera Weddings specializes in destination weddings and we pride ourselves in giving correct and complete information to all couples interested in getting married in Dubrovnik.

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Capture Priceless Moments With a Professional Wedding Photographer

Every woman has dreamt of a wedding that will truly be memorable not just for her, but for her partner, family and friends as well. It is a magical day full of love, happiness and commitment for the couple. Beach weddings, garden weddings, or even Church weddings are equally memorable for a couple as long as they share this moment with the ones they love. This day marks the couple’s readiness to take a stronger commitment and devotion with each other through the years that they will face together. Therefore, it is important that they can relive this moment as often as they want, for a continuous strengthening and building of their relationship.
Wedding videos and photographs are not simply mementos but are strong reminders of the vows that a couple has given to each other, where people of importance to them are the witnesses. This is the reason why a couple planning their wedding should also give importance in hiring the best wedding photographers to capture this moment. As much

as careful preparations are made in choosing the best gowns, attires, wedding cake and giveaways, the best wedding photographer should also be chosen. A professional photographer must be able to give only the finest shots of the whole wedding and encapsulating the wondrous moment in the photographs that he develops. The most important thing in capturing wedding photos is not on how the attires or venues are shown, but on how they can convey emotions to anyone who looks at them.
A good photograph must have the ability to stand in itself, displaying the joyful and loving emotions that the couple have on this day. The people who have joined them on their ceremony must also be given equal importance since they are the ones who have helped the couple in building their relationship in the past, just as well that they will be with them in the present and future.
As such, finding only the best and superior wedding photographer is a must for a wedding ceremony. He must deviate from the norm where only the photos taken are that of the couple wed, and focus on each and every person that has made this wondrous day happen. There are numerous sites available online, showcasing the best captured moments in a couple’s wedding. A couple to be wed can browse through these to instil a standard for the wedding photographer that they will hire. It is also highly recommended that the hired wedding photographer has a vast knowledge on how to handle cameras properly. This will enable him to truly capture the happy emotions and feelings of that day with ease. Also, a wedding photographer, in addition to his professional skills, must also have a great appreciation for weddings and why couple’s all around the world do them. In this manner, whatever type of celebration or wedding tradition that a couple will do for their wedding day, the wedding photographer can encapsulate them in his photographs perfectly.
People, most of the time, are wed only once. So the best way to capture this magical day is by getting the best wedding photographer who has all the skills and knowledge about weddings. In this way, a couple can always treasure and remember the day that they have vowed to love each other forever.

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Top 10 Ways to Customize Your Wedding Cake

One of the biggest parts of any wedding is going to be the wedding cake, regardless if the celebration happens to be small or large. The flavor, how big it is going to be, and the decorations are all important to help really immerse the guests into the theme. But in order for the cake to be truly unique there are some things any couple should consider. For example, a cake that needs to be personalized for a destination wedding. Here are the top 10 ways to customize your cake:
1. Wedding Cake Topper
All cakes need a topper that helps express the personalities of both the bride and groom while also tying together the theme and decor of the day. Because of this, there are many inexpensive types of traditional toppers that can be absolutely perfect.
2. Cake Monograms
The wedding is a day of celebrating both the bride and groom, which means showing off their brand new monogram. Along with the topper, the monogram can be incorporated into the customization of the cake as well.

3. Cake Topper Bases
Since the topper shouldn’t have to be directly on the cake and potentially fall over or ruin the cake before it can be eaten, there is the need for a customized wedding cake topper base. It can add height to the wedding cake and a touch of personalization everyone expects from such a memorable day.
4. Cake Block Toppers
If the couple prefers not to have the common type of wedding cake topper, there are always wedding cake glass block toppers that can be personalized with the couple’s names, when they got engaged, or the actual date of the wedding.
5. Animal-Themed Cakes
Speaking of not using the typical bride and groom as the wedding cake topper, why not change it up with couples of cats, dogs, birds, or even the couple’s favorite animals to make it very personalized? All of these options can be very inexpensive and are perfect for a quirky destination wedding.
6. Destination Cake Toppers
Even the cake can be included into the decor and theme of a destination wedding, especially when there are destination wedding cake toppers that are affordable and can be highly customized for the perfect fit. Seashells, wild flowers, Fleur-de-lis, and other designs can be included.
7. Personalized Photo Frames for a Topper
What’s more personalized than a wedding cake topper that shows the happy couple together in one of their favorite photos? A topper photo frame can be used for an intimate, personal wedding to really make the cake truly unique.
8. Disney Wedding Cake
For the couple still children at heart, there are inexpensive Disney-themed toppers that can be customized with monograms and other decorations for the perfect fit. Mickey, Minnie, and the Disney princesses are all available as toppers.
9. Engraved Cakes for the Bride and Groom
Make it truly last a lifetime with an engraved topper made out of gold or silver with the names of the couple and the date of their wedding. This can also be perfect as a topper base with a customized topper.
10. Themed Cakes
Is it going to be an all-out destination wedding to the beach or countryside? How about a wedding on Halloween or another special holiday? Regardless, a themed wedding cake topper can be created to really capture the moment.
Just like the rest of the decorations and theme, the cake’s design and topper need to be customized as well. Fortunately, these are all inexpensive ways to have an unforgettable and highly personalized wedding all the way down to the food and cake.

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What Is a Wedding Guest Book?

Wedding guest books are special memoirs that record the information about the guests who attended the wedding. These books consist of limited pages to extended sheets based on the number of guests who are expected to attend the wedding. Besides the traditional photo albums and video tapes, these books act as a prime tool for recording the event.
A wedding book is one of the best ideas one could have at a wedding. Instead of choosing a traditional, customized wedding book, you may use your own ideas to create an impressive wedding book. Not just because the books keeps a record of the guests, but for a well-documented record of those who shared the special moments one must have a wedding guest book at the venue.
Wedding guest book is a treasure of words offered to the couple in the form of blessings, advice and suggestions. The book captures all those moments which you might have missed during the wedding as a bride or bridegroom. After you return from the honeymoon, you can let the memories flow through the comments section of the book.
Wedding guest books are one of the most used and preferred wedding accessories. It is available in various sizes, shapes, designs and thickness. Based on your requirements you must choose one for your special day. Customized wedding guest books available in the stores are usually dumped in the corner of the store room or ignored completely after some time. To avoid this, one must put in their best creativity to make the special book an object to treasure forever. Let us browse through a few options available

1. Theme Based
If your wedding is based on a theme, choose the book that compliments the theme. This is one way of relating every little thing closely to the event. The theme based guest book will not just look attractive but leave an unforgettable impression on your guests. If the wedding is based on fairy tale theme use a wedding book with pictures and designs of colorful garden, fairy land, whimsical designs, vintage and sceneries that relate to quirky and creative thinking.
2. Wedding Guest Books (Photo Books)
Photo guest books create better impact on the guests as they are illustrated and colorful as compared to the customized ones. You may add the photographs of your engagement or any other special moment in the book and ask your guests to comment and write their special messages.
3. Fabric Wedding Book
Distribute pieces of fabric to the guests and ask them write their messages on them. Later collect them and consolidate into a book. This quilted masterpiece will certainly create a sensation in your wedding.
4. Interesting Puzzle Pieces
A puzzle guest book is a great idea anyone could think of to grace the wedding celebrations. Convert your favorite photograph or a picture based on your wedding theme into small pieces which can be put together to form the original picture. Request your guests to write on each of those pieces which can be later put together.
5. Customized Wedding Guest Books
Many shops that sell customized gifts also offer customized wedding guest book with the initials of the bride and the groom engraved on the pages. Also silver and gold lining on the corners of the page adds grace to the book. Place it at a prominent place and request your guests to pour in their messages for the couple.
Facts that Determine the Effectiveness
Usually the books used in most weddings consist of simple columns and spaces where the guests are supposed to drop their messages for the newlywed couple. Also they would be mentioning their names and a couple of details. But these kinds of books have become too monotonous. To change with the tide one has to understand the facts that make these special books one of the main attractions.
• Do Not Leave the Book Incomplete – An incomplete guest book is as good as a blank book. So make sure you assign someone the task of passing the wedding guest book to all the guests for their messages. To enhance the standard of the book try to paste the pictures of the guests and ask them to write in front of their pictures.
• Add Grace and Keep it Short – Though the special book is created for the guests make sure the guests do not fill pages together. Request them to keep their messages short and crisp. Also ask them to make their messages interesting by using quotes, funny lines, jokes and useful tips for the couple to make their life happier.
• Upgrade the paper Books – These days not many of us use the traditional paper guest books in weddings. Instead try to find out the latest styles and materials used to make guest books. There are a wide range of ceramics and metal plates used in place of papers in guest books. Try a couple of them out to impress the guests. You can also use them as display items in your homes.
Make every moment of your wedding a memorable one using creative ideas. The guest books not just help you to keep a track of the guests who attended the special event but also their kind words of blessing and advice to follow. Wedding is a once in lifetime for most of us. So why not put in your best ideas to make it the most remembered event for you and your guests? Replace the traditional paper books with your creative displays and make the event a special and unique one.

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Make Your Small Wedding Unique, Fun, and Memorable

Being practical is the trend nowadays. If you can do something without spending too much, then by all means go for that route. This is true even with weddings. Couples would rather save on the expenses for the wedding and use the money instead to invest on a new home, a car, or items to furnish their house. However you look at it, this is definitely a smart move. Besides, small weddings do not necessarily have to be very plain or ugly. There are creative and unique ideas that you can implement on your wedding to make it fun and extraordinary. These simple wedding ideas can help you out
The Ceremony
Most religious would still want to be wed in a church, which is officiated by their priest or minister, but if this is really not that important for the couple, then you may consider having a civil wedding ceremony. This way, you do not have to worry about dressing the entourage, decorating the church, hiring a choir, and finding an available schedule. Civil weddings are just as legit and binding. In addition, it is a very private affair, making your wedding more special among close friends and family.
The Venue
As mentioned, small weddings need not be plain. If you hold the event in a beautiful garden, in a tent by the beach, or in a ranch, your backdrop will be so naturally amazing that your wedding pictures will be the envy of everyone.

Having your wedding in these venues will also cost you less, considering that you can have the reception in the same area too.
The Invitations
You can make your own wedding invitations and announcements instead of hiring the services of a wedding shop. This will make your invitations more special since they have your personal touches. Since you are only having a small wedding, you can handwrite the invitations and paint them individually to make each one unique. Here is a great idea. If you are having a beach wedding, send flip-flops along with your invitations, so that your guest will be beach-ready once they arrive at the venue.
The Souvenirs
A good souvenir idea is to give your guest a photo of them taken during the wedding. You can send these to them along with your thank you note or you can hand the photos during the event itself. Photo booths have become a growing trend now, that you can see them in almost all kind of celebration. The couple can take some time to have a photo with their guests and scribble a personal message on it.
The Reception
Receptions used to be timed at noon or in the evening so that lunch or dinner can be served. Today, since most weddings are done after lunch, foods at reception usually consist of finger foods or snacks that the guests can nibble on while celebrating the recent union. This can make the affair very casual and fun, which is what wedding receptions should be.
These small wedding ideas can make you have the most beautiful wedding in the company of your closest friends and relatives, without burning a hole in your pocket. The private venue and small wedding party will make the event special, solemn, more meaningful, and memorable for the couple and their guests.
For more Small Wedding Ideas for your consideration, pay a visit to

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Cathedral Veils: A Bride’s Guide for Choosing the Perfect Cathedral Length Wedding Veil

From the time they were young, some brides have always imagined a long billowing train flowing out behind them as they walk down the aisle. Long and dramatic, this type of wedding veil is known as a cathedral length bridal veil. It’s a striking addition for any wedding day look and is a popular and stylish choice for today’s modern (yet traditional) bride. Often associated with more formal weddings in a church or cathedral (think Princess Diana), these type of veils make a statement piece for any wedding day style.
What exactly is a cathedral veil and what are some things to keep in mind when trying to find the right one? The following lists some key considerations that brides should keep in mind when looking for the perfect cathedral length veil.

What is a cathedral veil?
A cathedral veil is the longest type of wedding veil a bride can wear. It is usually associated with the image of a long train of tulle flowing out behind the bride as she walks down the aisle. Worn attached with a comb or fascinator to the back of the bride’s head, these veils stretch out and often extend pass the end of the bride’s gown to the floor behind them as they walk down the aisle. Long and sometimes billowing, these veils make quite a statement as part of a wedding dress ensemble.
How long is a cathedral veil?
There are differing opinions on what is the exact length for a cathedral veil but most agree that the standard length of this type of veil is around 120 inches. In general, it will measure out about 2-3 feet from a bride’s waist. Longer cathedral veils can measure around 144 inches depending upon the look the bride wants to achieve on her big day. Custom made veils can be created in any length, of course, but the generally accepted length for a cathedral veil is around 120 inches. This measures from the bridal hair comb to the end of the veil.
Things to consider when selecting a cathedral length wedding veil:
There are certain things to consider when looking for a cathedral length bridal veil. How wide should it be? What type of edging is appropriate? How many tiers? How long is it planned to be worn?
Width: A bride should consider the width of her wedding veil. As with other types of bridal veils, cathedral veils can come in a few different widths. The width chosen can impact the overall look of the veil and it can impact the “maintenance” needed by others to place and arrange it for a bride once she walks down the aisle.
– Narrow Width: A narrow width cathedral veil (generally thought to be around 54 inches) will work well for a bride who wants her veil to trail directly behind her. This type of cathedral veil is especially practical for walking down aisles that are limited in space. This also will work well in aisles that would have items in wider areas that would snag or catch the veil when walking past (such as a rocky pathway for an outdoor wedding). Note that with a narrow width, however, a bride may not be able to wrap the veil around her shoulders. The veil will primarily stay behind the bride in a rectangular sort of look.
– Standard Width: A standard width cathedral veil (generally thought to be 72 inches) is the most popular choice for today’s brides. This width allows the veil to not only to flow out in a circular fashion behind the bridal gown but also to wrap around the shoulders of the bride should she want to take photos with her veil from the front. This is the most popular type of cathedral veil width for today’s modern bride.
– Wide Width: A wide width cathedral veil (generally thought to be 108 inches) has the largest statement of all when it comes to cathedral veils. Fanning out behind a bride, this type of width allows the veil to arc out in all directions, creating a beautiful semicircle behind the bride. Note that this veil will have a lot of material in which the bride and her attendants must deal with in terms of placement during and after the ceremony but it can make a beautiful statement piece for a wedding day look.
Edging: There are many types of veil edging that one can choose for a veil. In terms of edging, a bride should first and foremost choose the look that she likes. In addition to the look of a veil, a bride should also consider the weight that an edging can give to a veil. Having no edging at all (known as a “cut edge”), allows the veil to be as light as possible for the bride. This look is great if the bride would like the veil to “float” as it makes the veil very light. A simple corded edge allows the veil to have a finished look but it won’t add too much weight. A ribbon edge or a satin corded edge (sometimes called a rattail edge) will give the veil a little bit of weight and might be more appropriate for an outdoor wedding where a bit of weight might help with wind type of issues during the ceremony. Brides can also chose a decorative or beaded edge which will add cost and weight to the veil but will look beautiful in any setting. A general guideline to remember is that the more edging and material chosen, the more weight that the veil will have.
Tiers: Cathedral Bridal veils can come in a single tier (one layer of material), two layers or sometimes even three or more. Most standard veils are either one tier or two tiers. If it is a two tier cathedral veil, the bride can use it as a blusher or just enjoy the look this type of veil conveys. Choosing between one tier or more is up to the preference of the bride for her wedding day look. In terms of a two tier cathedral veil, the bride should consider the extra weight that a two tier veil will add to her overall look. While it won’t be an overwhelming addition of weight, certain hairstyles may work better than others to help keep the veil up and in place.
Length of Wear Time: Because cathedral length veils are designed to be long, a bride should consider the length of time in which the veil will be worn. Often this type of veil is worn for the ceremony and for pictures but is taken off for the reception. The bride should have a plan on how she wants to deal with her wedding hairstyle if the veil is removed for the reception. Often a wedding hair comb or other wedding hair accessory is purchased to give the bride a focal piece for her hairstyle once the veil is removed. Some brides purchase a secondary shorter veil to wear in place of the cathedral one.
Cathedral wedding veils are a beautiful choice for many brides today. The long, flowing look of a cathedral veil can accent many dress types and wedding hairstyles and can make a dramatic statement for a bride’s wedding day look. With some thought regarding the overall look of a veil and thoughts regarding how long, how wide and the general weight of the veil, a bride should be able to find and purchase the right cathedral length veil for her wedding.
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Rebecca Webb is the owner of Great Day Fashion Accessories, an online bridal and wedding boutique.
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The Wedding Accessories

When it comes to wedding preparations, one of the most important things is the wedding dress. Most brides spent plenty of time contemplating or looking for the perfect dress. In all the rush and chaos in making the bride look perfect for the big day, many of us forget about buying wedding accessories that will improve or complete the bridal attire.
Wedding accessories may it be a simple ribbon to a beautiful veil plays a vital role in the dress you wear. It can give a more sophisticated, finished, and coordinated appearance. Some of the most basic wedding accessories are:
Veil – This is the most important wedding accessory as a wedding always need to have a veil. However, choosing a veil can be as hard as finding a dress. You need to choose the right one that will make your dress look perfect. They came in a wide range of styles, lengths and materials. There are chin length veil to floor-length chapel styles. Whatever style you choose, just make sure that it complements the style and formality of the gown.
Tiara – Sometime you don’t need to have a tiara if you already have a veil. But many brides use it as an addition if not in place of a veil. It will add elegance to the veil itself or the bridal hairdo. It looks like a crown and can be bought in any bridal shop.

Wedding shoes – Another important wedding accessory is the shoes and should be chosen with consideration. You can’t pick any shoes you want because it must complement your dress. The rule in buying wedding shoes is that it should match the formality and the style of your wedding dress.
Jewelry – The finishing touch to your bridal outfit is your earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Same with other accessories, it should reflect the formality, style and design of your gown. Do not wear over-the-top jewelry for it will give an unflattering and uncoordinated appearance. If you have a certain wedding theme, make sure also that the jewelry you choose complements the same style and color.
Wedding ribbon – This is the cheapest the simplest wedding accessory a bride should have. A wedding ribbon can be added on the hair, on the bouquet, and on the dress. Using wedding ribbons is optional.
Gloves – You can wear gloves or not. This is an optional wedding accessory but can add extra detail to your attire. It is typically made of silk or silk-satin materials that give your gown an elegant and formal look.
Purse – A bride does not use a purse during the wedding ceremony but a purse with essential items such as lip gloss, tissue and cell phones must be close at hand.
These are the different wedding accessories that will complete the bridal attire. Whether you use them all or not is your choice. However, you need these accessories to add detail to your dress and to help emphasize your beauty.
Wedding ribbons are cheap and very flexible. You can add them on the bouquet of flowers, on the wedding car and on the wedding dress. To find high quality wedding ribbons,

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Plan to Perfection – How to Prepare for Your Wedding Venue Search

Choosing your wedding venue is one of the most important decisions you are likely to make in the entire wedding planning process. Not only will the venue be the place where you spend your first hours as a married couple, the style of venue you choose will say a lot about you and your husband or wife. But where do you start when it comes to picking wedding venue that is ultimately ‘you’?
Before you rush out to view a selection of wedding venues, sit down as a couple and decide what you want from your venue. The key to choosing a wedding venue that you both love is communication during these initial stages, and having a clear idea of what you are looking for from the outset can ultimately avoid any wedding planning drama.
Discuss whether you want to look at outdoor wedding venues or perhaps you want to draw inspiration from quirky weddings you’ve seen on the pages of magazines or your favourite bridal blog. Aim to have a vision of your big day and then start your search to find a setting that will complement this.
Next consider details like budget and location, this will narrow down your search dramatically leading to a shortlist of wedding venues that are suitable. Keep the location of your reception venue in close proximity to the place where you are getting married, whether that be in a church or at your local registry office. If the venue is a little further afield than you anticipated, then make sure you add arranging transport or getting quotes for overnight accommodation for your guests to your wedding ‘to do’ list. When it comes to your budget, make sure you focus on looking for venues that are within your means to avoid disappointment. If you have already made this faux pas and have fell in love with a pricey venue, consider choosing a mid-week wedding date to cut costs or a more affordable catering option like a hog roast or BBQ.
The size of your wedding party will also be a major factor in choosing the perfect setting for your big day. Look at wedding venues that will cater for your desired number of guests, especially if you are having an intimate wedding

or a particularly extravagant one! Outdoor wedding venues that provide marquees or quirkier circus-style tents are a popular choice for weddings with a rather large guest list.
Planning to perfection when choosing your reception venue is essential for the stress-free decision making that makes wedding planning that bit easier. There are so many factors to consider when choosing the setting for your big day but with some preparation you can focus on the task in hand and move onto more important decisions – like choosing your dream dress!
Love, laughter, joy and pleasure… at Newton Hall we have a terrible weakness for gorgeous wedding days and fantasy wedding nights.
No matter how fantastic your dreams, how irresistible your desires, at Newton Hall dream weddings really do come true.
My name is Donna Gibb and you can visit our website for further information or call us on 01665 576239 and speak to one of our wedding planners.

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5 Thrifty Ways to Cut the Cost of Your Wedding Day

Nowadays the average wedding costs just over £20,000 and many couples are putting themselves in debt to tie the knot. But it is important to remember that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get the big day every little girl dreams of! Check out our five thrifty ways to cut the cost of your wedding…
Wedding venues generally take a huge chunk of the overall big day budget and whilst your chosen venue shouldn’t be second rate and should represent your relationship and your future as a married couple, there are ways to reduce costs. Getting married out of season or even on a weekday can reduce your wedding venue bill by a fifth so consider a less traditional wedding date. Also, opting for a quirky wedding that is outdoors or in a smaller, more intimate venue can also cut costs and stop the number of guests going into double or even triple figures for a more affordable big day.
Think about cheaper catering options that are just as tasty – the traditional sit-down wedding breakfast and evening buffet can cost a fortune, however BBQs and hog roast provide an affordable, laid back alternative that is perfect for a number of wedding venues. Just one hog roast can feed 150 people making it a delicious, cheap and cheerful way to feed your guests in the day or evening of your big day.
Forget expensive wedding invites too, save money by making your own. By investing just a little time, effort and creativity you can slash the price per invitation in half and instead provide guests with a handmade and heartfelt invite that has been lovingly designed and made by you and your groom.

When it comes to dressing for your big day, remember there’s no shame in going high-street, vintage or even second-hand to purchase your wedding dress. Many high street stores offer bridal collections with dresses from just a few hundred pounds and each has the style and finesse to rival goods from top designers.
Many charity shops specialise in second-hand and vintage bridal gowns, each has been donated by brides (old and young) so that you can make your own memories in your dream wedding gown. There are also a number of websites where you can pick up a once worn wedding dress for a fraction of the price. Each dress has been dry cleaned and repaired, meaning no one will have inkling when you walk down the aisle in a beautiful wedding gown that is as good as new!
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