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  • Tandoori Cheesy Braided Chicken with Veggies August 1, 2018
    This post is sponsored by Bothwell Cheese. As always, all opinions are my own.I always prided myself in my spice tolerance. I mean, I used to eat a whole green chili with my food sometimes! When I got pregnant with my 2nd daughter earlier last year, I was unable to handle the heat anymore. Even […]
    Nazima Qureshi
  • Spicy Garam Masala Brussels Sprouts July 23, 2018
    How many of you have tried Brussels sprouts? It was definitely not a food I grew up eating and the first time I tried them was when I was an adult. The first time I tried them, they were..well, just-meh. Nothing special, but I wasn't going to give up on Brussels sprouts so quickly. After […]
    Nazima Qureshi
  • Spicy Salmon Burgers July 9, 2018
    Now that Ramadan had passed, I'm gearing up to get back to my ordinary routine. If you've been following me for a while, you will know that I am a HUGE fan or meal prepping. I meal prepped all throughout Ramadan with overnight oats for easy suhoor, I made a batch of my Quick and […]
    Nazima Qureshi
  • What this Mom Loved About the Ramadan Market May 23, 2018
    This post is in partnership with Salam Sudduf. As always, all opinions are my own.As soon as Sudduf announced deets about the Ramadan Market, I knew I wanted to attend (even if it meant lining up to get in)! I was super excited to be one of the bloggers to cover the event. Initially, the […]
    Nazima Qureshi
  • 3 Postpartum Desi Nutrition Myths May 15, 2018
    If you grew up in a Desi household, you’ve probably heard health and nutrition tips from elders, whether it was your parents, grandparents, or concerned neighbourhood aunty. You’ve heard these tips so many times that it almost feels like its right but you’re not quite sure if it even makes sense anymore. I’m here to […]
    Nazima Qureshi
  • FREE Suhoor and Iftar Meal Planners for a Healthy Ramadan [Printables] May 7, 2018
    The Ramadan Suhoor and Iftar Meal Planners are simple, practical tools you can use to help make meal planning and staying healthy during Ramadan a million times easier! This calendar-like tool can be printed out and placed on your fridge for you to fill out throughout the week and always have in front of you […]
    Yasmin Khatau
  • Black Bean Burrito Bowls with Homemade Crispy Tortilla Strips April 24, 2018
    With Ramadan around the corner, most people usually have a lot more fried foods than they would in the whole year! Now, I get it, after a long day of fasting, biting into a deep fried samosa sounds pretty good to me too! However, when it you've lost count of which samosa/spring roll you're on […]
    Nazima Qureshi
  • Fasting During Ramadan As a Breastfeeding Mom April 16, 2018
    Ramadan is a time for a spiritual high for many Muslims, but reality is that for moms it can be quite a challenging time. In the past 3 years, I was only able to fast for one of those years due to my pregnancies. In 2016, I fasted all 30 days while nursing my 11 […]
    Nazima Qureshi
  • Get to Know the First Muslim Hijabi on MasterChef Canada - Reem Ahmed April 3, 2018
    If you're a foodie or love cooking shows, you may be gearing up for another season of MasterChef Canada. I know I will be, and it's most definitely to cheer on Reem Ahmed, the first Muslim hijabi on MasterChef Canada. It's quite amazing to see Muslim women showing up an excelling in all sorts of […]
    Yasmin Khatau
  • Beginner’s Guide to Switching to Non-Toxic Cleaning Products March 29, 2018
    Today on the blog I am super excited to introduce a Guest Blogger, Sarah UmmYusuf from Nature's Nurture. I've always wanted to have more "cleaner" cleaning products in the house but always felt overwhelmed to start. I reached out to Sarah so she can share her tips to switching to non-toxic cleaning products without the […]
    Sarah UmmYusuf
  • Unlocking the Potential of Food – Going Beyond Digestive Health for Prunes March 19, 2018
    This blog post is sponsored by California Dried Plum Board. As always, all opinions are my own.What’s the first thing you think of when you think of prunes? Most likely something related to your digestive system and may have even tried it when you were having difficulties going to the washroom. However, prunes go beyond […]
    Nazima Qureshi
  • Enjoy Your Chocolate and The Health Benefits Too March 16, 2018
    Chocolate is enjoyed by both children as well as adults and is often looked at as a treat or something that should be forbidden. Chocolate is also often associated with being a guilty pleasure, however, it can be just as nutritious as it is enjoyable. You just need to know a little bit about chocolate […]
    Nazima Qureshi
  • 5 Tips for Making Up Your Fasts Before Ramadan March 15, 2018
    Ramadan is fast approaching with less than 2 months to go! However before you start preparing, it's important to ensure that you have tried to make up the fasts you’ve missed from the previous year. Many women have around 5-8 days to make up and as the year goes by and gets busy, the time […]
    Yasmin Khatau
  • One Bowl Eggless Healthy Zucchini Brownies February 23, 2018
    There is nothing worst than a "healthy" dessert that doesn't taste good. Trust me, I have a husband and toddler that will tell me right to my face. I know a recipe isn't blog worthy when my husband says it "tastes healthy" and my toddler won't taste seconds. So, when I develop a recipe that […]
    Nazima Qureshi
  • 5 Things to Eat After You Give Birth for Postpartum Health February 12, 2018
    As you welcome a new addition to your life, alongside the joy, you will undoubtedly experience low energy, aches, and pains. After being pregnant for 9 months and going through labour and delivery, your body has gone through significant changes. Especially if you are breastfeeding, you are continuing to share nutrients with your baby. While […]
    Nazima Qureshi
  • Healthy Low Carb Chocolate Almond Biscotti (Rusk) February 6, 2018
    This post is sponsored by Tea India. As always, all opinions are my own. I love helping people start living healthier and showing them that it doesn't mean you have to be on a restrictive diet. The number one question most of my South Asian clients ask me is if they can still have their […]
    Nazima Qureshi
  • The One Vitamin Most Muslim Women Need January 10, 2018
    This post is sponsored by Halal Living , however, as usual, all opinions are my own. We hear of vitamins and minerals daily, whether it’s through recommendations from friends and family, ads on the TV and Internet, or boasting claims on foods at the grocery store. Usually most of it goes right over our heads, […]
  • South Asian Inspired Turkey Dinner (Full Menu) December 13, 2017
    With the holidays around the corner, turkey dinners make their grand appearance once again. Since whole turkey is so readily available in stores this time of year, many South Asian families take this opportunity to share turkey with their families. Growing up, we didn’t have turkey, mostly because my mom wasn’t sure how to flavour […]
    Nazima Qureshi
  • Diabetes Series Part 3: Challenges During Pregnancy November 14, 2017
    For the past couple of weeks now we’ve been discussing diabetes and highlighting some of the important things to know, and even some crazy misconceptions about the condition. This is a wrap to the series discussing Gestational Diabetes, so if you’ve missed Parts I and II, make sure to check them out to learn all […]
    Yasmin Khatau
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Date Balls November 7, 2017
    I don't know about you, but snacks are an important part of my day; even more so after becoming a mother of two! I am pretty particular about my snacks and won't just grab anything. The dietitian in me requires them to be nutritious and wholesome, while the foodie in me whats them to taste […]
    Nazima Qureshi